Solutions Comparison: Single-Sign-On Password Sync vs. AuthMagic for Google Apps

A Google Apps Solutions Comparison:

With two enterprise class, password-handing solutions to help ease Google Apps integration into your user management platform, how do you know which one is right for you?  If you are weighing your options, the comparison information below will help you and our engineers help make informed decisions so you get exactly what you need for password sync--nothing more, nothing less.

Single-Sign-On (SSO) for Google Apps with Password Sync - Quick Overview
This solution is web-based in nature and uses the standard SAML 2.0 interface. Google Apps SSO with Password Sync allows you to completely customize the login experience for your users and work with all LDAP-based Identity Management Systems.  It also requires a highly available web server to house the application.  Passwords are synced upon successful login events.
  • Preferred solution for:
    • Organizations that require control of username & password sync
    • Organizations with a lot of remote users who are rarely on the corporate network (students, work from home contractors, field employees, consultants in multiple locations)
    • Customers who need a custom-branded login pages (see below)

SSO Custom Login Pages

AuthMagic for Google Apps -  Quick Overview
The Authentication Magic for Google Apps password sync solution gets installed directly on your Domain Controllers, and works only with Microsoft Active Directory. Passwords are synced whenever Active Directory triggers a new password event.
  • Preferred solution for:
    • Organizations with a lot of desktop users who are consistently connected to the corporate network.
    • Organizations who do not require a custom web page for Google Apps access.
    • Organizations who want password synchronization, but do not want a web-SSO experience for their users.

Detailed Comparison Chart

Feature Single Sign-On for Google Apps with Password Sync AuthMagic for Google Apps
Microsoft Active Directory Password Sync Yes Yes
Non-AD / LDAP Compliant Password Sync Yes No
Custom Branded Login Page Yes No
One Set of Credentials to Remember Yes Yes
Multi-domain login support Yes Yes, with multiple instances
IMAP Compatible Yes Yes
Mobile Apps Compatible Yes Yes
Google Talk
Yes Yes
User login prevention on suspension in directory (AD or LDAP) Immediate Manual
AD password change triggers password update in Google Apps No Yes