AuthMagic is a server-side solution that automatically synchronizes end-user passwords for Microsoft Online Services with Active Directory. Synchronization of passwords takes place any time an end-user changes their Active Directory password. No additional input is required, which makes our solution a seamless experience for end-users.

AuthMagic consists of two modules:

DLL filter

DLL filter captures user's password, and securely transmits it to Web service. Install DLL filter on all domain controllers.
Web service

Web service synchronizes user's password with Microsoft Online service. Install Web service on either hosted or on-premise Windows web server.

Read about application requirements here.

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  • Lightweight and simple: just two modules to deploy.

  • DLL filter and web service come with full logging capabilities.

  • You may host Web Service anywhere.

  • Secure by design, passwords are never transmitted in clear text.
  • Control which users will get their passwords synchronized through filtering rules.
  • Install minimal number of applications on your domain controllers. We only require latest version of .NET Framework.

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