License Alert for Google Apps is an app that allows you to receive email alerts when your Google Apps domain is nearly out of licenses!
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Set alert percentages and define users for alerts
  • Alert email details how to request more licenses

If you’re managing your Google Apps users through a directory sync, you may attempt to add additional users, without knowing if you’ve almost run out of user licenses. License Alert eliminates this worry, allowing you to set the percentage of licenses you’ve used before you receive an email notification, as well as letting you define lists of users to receive that alert. Even better, the email notification contains instructions with how to request additional licenses! Don’t get stuck waiting around for last-minute licenses, unable to create new user accounts. License Alert gives you a way to keep track of the number of licenses you have - and it’s as simple as checking your inbox.


  • Convenient: email notification when given percentage of licenses are used
  • Customizable: set the percentage of licenses you want to trigger an alert and define a list of users to receive the alert
  • Clear: alert includes instructions on how to request more licenses

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