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Site Copier


  • Single-Sign On allows you to use application with your existing Google Apps credentials
  • No expiration date. With unlimited license, you can use application for as long as you own your Google Apps domain
  • Manage application directly from Google Apps control panel
  • Your users can access application directly from their Gmail or Docs accounts through Google's universal navigation
Site Copier for Google Apps is an easy-to-install, easy-to-use add-on to the Google Apps suite. Simply type in the name of the Google Site you wish to copy to your domain (format:[GoogleSiteYouWantToCopy]/), name the copied version of your site and specify the URL... Voila! You have now have an exact copy of the Google Site on your own domain. See, we told you it would be easy. All you need to do is be the owner or have administrator access to the domains on which you want to copy sites to and from. You may only copy sites to the one domain you set up the Site Copier for.

One-time license
allows you to copy one site to the Google Apps domain you specified upon download. 

Unlimited license
allows you to copy an unlimited amount of Google Sites to the Google Apps domain your specified upon purchase. Duplicating sites to more than one Google Apps domains requires additional licenses. 

Before you purchase the application, please be sure you reviewed and understood the following requirements:
  • Application can be used by Google Apps Standard, Premier and Educational Editions.
  • Only Google Apps domain administrators will be able to purchase and use this application.

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